How to Build a Winning Business Case

David Bishop, Senior Member IEEE   Over the years, I’ve developed several business cases. These cases have taken a number of different forms, depending on the undertaking at hand. However, I’ve found that a good business case needs to … Read More

KPI’s: Ideation to Creation

What is a KPI? In the development and management of a business, key performance indicators or KPIs are critical to understanding performance and decision making. Although KPIs are used by almost all parts of a business, they are often poorly … Read More

The Tao of Innovation

How are technology products developed?   Simply put, technology products are developed using a “process”. Such processes have changed over the years, beginning with the stage gate process that came from the space program in the 1960’s, to the famed … Read More

How to create “Killer” KPI’s.

By David A. Bishop   As a vendor, I was once invited to a client site with the goal of “creating some key performance indicators” for the business. The only representatives from the client were two IT managers and a … Read More

Using IEC Standards for Big Data sense-making in Smart Grid and AMI

One of the most significant challenges with respect to “Big Data” applications today is the ability to “make sense” of the large volumes of incoming data. Most applications currently available focus on data “gathering”, and, particularly in the AMI space, … Read More