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Agile Ecosystem & Program Management Solution

Agile Worx® productizes the systems and methods used by our most successful case studies.


Metagility® is the first research-based, peer reviewed, and patented framework for agile management and transformation.

Agile Worx® delivers the most comprehensive ecosystem available for scaling agile to support complex and highly innovative product development.


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Apply new techniques in hybrid agile research that can make your agile transformation a success!

Learn how our most successful case studies became number one in their market.

Agile Worx® delivers the most comprehensive ecosystem available for scaling agile to support complex and highly innovative product development.

Research Based

Multiple Successful
Case Studies

Worldwide Customer

Agile Worx® Helps

Businesses Significantly Increase Their ROI

Improved Competitiveness

(Effectively aligning IT and business):

  • Improved concept to cash
  • Increased market share

Case study: The company utilizing Agile vortex theory became the undisputed leader in their market within 30 months.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • Better quality
  • Faster responsiveness to customer demands
  • More requests satisfied for the same costs

Improved Operational excellence

  • Effective, reproducible processes
  • Greater dev capacity and flexibility
  • Improved process visibility and manageability

Case study: Development capacity increased by 23%.


  • Timely implementation of a new product or service that demands more effective collabora-tion /alignment.
  • Improved ROI for current products, projects and programs

Case study: Continuous growth in market share and profit resulting in a CAGR of 23%.

Reduced costs

  • Lower overall cost of dev and maintenance
  • Improved cost predictability
  • Ability to shift cost allocation and re-prioritize work

Case study: Reduced cost of development and maintenace by over 15%.

Reduced time & resources usage

  • Reduced cycle time. Case studies increased major releases from once every 12-18 months to over 6 releases per year
  • Reduced spend on customized tools and applications, A case study saved $8 million dollars per year by moving over 40 positions from program and portfolio reporting
  • Case studies were able to eliminate legacy commercial tools which saved several $100,000 per year.