Agile WorxTM delivers the most comprehensive software solution available for scaling agile to support complex and highly innovative product development.
Agile methodology has become pervasive across all types of business and development contexts. The majority of agile adopters face 3 major issues:
Agile methods are often only adopted from the “bottom up”, resulting in
-Lack of Executive engagement
-Failure to transform the business, as well as the development organization

Increasing rate of hybrid agile implementations, combining both agile and waterfall concepts, in technology sector* poses a number of unanswered strategic and operational questions. *source Global Agile Adoption survey by Forrester, Q2 2015.

­­In order to stay ahead of the competition agile must be scaled from merely team and project management to managing the entire enterprise at the program and portfolio level.

There is no toolset in the market today that addresses these issues and provides adjustments to tune agile implementations for maximum efficiency

Agile WorxTM provides rich, predicitve analytics and metrics with the ability to drill down to “dials and knobs”, to affect change.


Agile WorxTM provides the essential toolset necessary to facilitate executive engagement, transform the business into the
“agile triangle” (Value, Quality, Constraints),
and manage and adjust the agile approach even in hybrid implementations.


  • Business Momentum
  • Agile Vorticity
  • Value to Spend
  • Strategic Governance
  • Competitive Position
  • Market Turbulance
  • Resource Management
  • Budget Estimation as actual
  • Mertrics and Scorecards
  • Project Funding and Status


  • Quarterly Progress
  • Agile Vorticity
  • Value Stream WP
  • Vision and Roadmaps
  • Investment vs actuals
  • Resource allocation
  • Competitive Drivers


  • Predictive Analytics
  • Risk
  • Dependencies
  • Progress


  • Sprint Analysis
  • Team Metrics
  • Sprint/Team Progress
  • Quality Management
  • Retrospectives
  • Team Analysis and tuning

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